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Living Lively

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Explore Lamiu's Signature Collection


"It's all about spreading
positivity and celebrating the
beauty of life"

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Akira Blue Collection

Classic & Bold

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Kitty Daisy Collection

Lighthearted & Optimistic

Our Mission

Sustainable Textiles

Loves Our Planet

We are not a 100% sustainable fashion brand at the moment, but we believe in sustainability and ethical practices, and our brand is committed to taking steps to minimize our impact on the environment.

Young Painter

Trusts Our Companions

We strive to source materials and manufacture our products in a responsible and eco-friendly manner, while also supporting local artisans and communities.

Quality Time

Serves A Purpose

As a customer of Lamiu, you are not just purchasing clothing, but becoming a part of a vibrant community that celebrates happiness, fashion, body positivity, and the wonders of our world.

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