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About Us

What is LAMIU ?


Hey there :)


Our brand name definition is a woman who is feminine, sweet, elegant, confident and able to live her life freely.


LAMIU was founded in 2020 under the vision of

Miss Thanpatsorn Prasatsuporn. Since art is our passion, we decided to transform the arts into the unique patterns and make them into wearable art items that you can wear in everyday life and to beautiful events so you can treasure every moments with LAMIU outfits!

Our Design is all about spreading positivity and celebrating the beauty of life. Our product line is carefully curated to evoke a sense of adventure and wanderlust, with playful prints and vibrant colors that transport you to beautiful destinations around the world 

LAMIU loves our planet. We are not 100% sustainable fashion brand at the moment, but we believe in sustainability and our brand is committed to taking steps to minimize our impact on the enviroment.

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